Beating the Lottery Odds: Top Tips on Pulling out a Win!

The prospect of winning the lottery has made many rich and keeps many many more desperately seeking ways to improve their luck in the big draw. Anyone looking for ways to improve their luck here can find a wealth of ideas both good and bad from online sources, magazines, books and more.

There are even special software services that claim to select the most suitable set of numbers based on previous draws, wins and a wealth of other factors. But, trying to win by selecting the best number is often a poor idea and a waste of time to collect and try to calculate all the details or a waste of money when suckered into buying a “get-rich” money making program.

When it comes to selecting a winning number, the best idea is to choose a number no one else will, this will avoid the chagrin of slitting your winnings with another party. For this reason, lucky numbers from horoscopes can often lead to lowered winnings. Consider think how many other Aquarians are playing the lottery right now, for example.

But, that’s doesn’t mean that playing a smart game won’t increase your chances of making a big win from your ticket.

1. Improve Your Chances by Choosing the Right Games

It is easy to consider the lottery a fairly straightforward game, buy a ticket and see if you win. But, there is a lot more to a winning number than this. Every state has a special selection of lottery games that can be played, and some have every competitive odds. Understanding the dynamics of the lottery you choose to play is the firsts step in making a good win.

Remember that the bigger more international games may seem like they have a more considerable payout but in the end you may find that your loser level state lotteries are the more advantageous. The odds are better in the smaller state lotteries that require the person be present in the states to collect. And never forget the great potential of the smaller scratch-off games in your big winning.

2. Get More Entries with Lottery Pools

The best way to improve your chances to win is by purchasing a large amount of numbers. The obvious downside is the larger investment will offset any winnings you will make, and you HAVE TO win just recoup your investment and abide by the true spirit of lottery, which is essentially something for nothing.

A good way to do this is to find committed lottery pools, you can always find a few like minded lottery players in your work or neighborhood and forming a pool is fun and exciting. The downside is that any winnings will be split by the pool members, but chances of making a smaller profit are greatly improved.

3. Double Check for the Second Chance

It seems ironic that so much lottery cash will go unclaimed, but the this happens time and time again. Be sure you take the time to look at the deciding factors of the game you choose to play before buying your tickets. There are often secondary prizes and other ways to win you can find by paying close attention.

Make sure you write the dates and numbers of any lottery tickets you buy in a handy notebook that can allow you to keep a close eye on the numbers as they appear in TV or newspapers.